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STL Update

School Trust Lands Update

Each year the School Trust Lands Program provides money for schools to help with critical academic needs.  The school and community council develop a plan to address how the money will be spent.  I am very grateful for the program and wanted to share with you how the money has been used.

  • We have purchased technology for classrooms including calculators, document cameras, learning software, and additional COWs (computer on wheels). Each COW contains 40 Chromebook computers. These items have been used to enhance and support instruction using technology.
  • We have developed and implemented several student intervention and accelerated programs to ensure high levels of learning for all students at Crimson Cliffs Middle. Many of these classes, such as block math and ELA, enhancement, and math enhancement, require block scheduling to allow students additional time and support. Money was used to help supplement funding (staffing) to keep these programs running.

Our students’ educational experience is greatly enriched by the School Trust Lands Program. Student learning is our primary focus and we are committed to using every avenue available to us. With the programs, teachers, and supportive parents and community, together we will ensure the success of Crimson Cliffs Middle School students.

Brian Stevenson

Principal, Crimson Cliffs Middle School